Your New Life in Jesus!

Welcome to your new life in Jesus! The Bible was written as individual books (like chapters) over many years by many different authors. It was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, and has been translated to English. We recommend you start learning by reading the book of John to learn about Jesus’ life and teachings.
  • When Jesus left the Earth, He told His disciples that he would send a helper – the Holy Spirit.
  • As you learn more about Jesus’ Life and the plans God has for your life, you’ll find the best way to grow is together with others who are continually learning.  Here are a few ways to connect and learn with other believers:
  • Join a Life Group: Whether about common interests or study groups surrounding Pastor Ryan’s current series, these small groups are the best way to connect and grow with other believers.
  • Join our Pastors for sandwiches and refreshments on a Sunday, learn about the culture of Life Church and ask any questions you have about getting connected: Connect @ Life.
  •  Join our team: Every week more than 100 people are serving at Life Church to create the best opportunity to Encounter God and Experience Life.  From greeting people at the door to teaching our kids, serving with our hospitality team, serving is a great way to meet new people, build friendships and feel like part of the family.  Click here to Join our Team.
  • Download our Podcast to hear what God is speaking to Life Church.
  • Not able to make it to service? We broadcast our services live.  Click to watch online.