Welcome to 2021!

Life Church is preparing 2020 contribution statements.
Please update your personal information on the Church Management Software by clicking the "update info" button above.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would complete all the information on the form so that we can serve you better.  Please list your current active email address so that we can process these statements in the most efficient way.  Your Giving Statement will NOT be sent via an email, but a link to your Profile Account WILL be sent, so that you can access the Giving Statement, and save it or print it out to use as proof of your 2020 Giving for Income Tax Purposes. 
***Please note that the link on your email will only be active for a day or two and then will be de-activated. It will be necessary for you to request a paper copy from the Church Office after the link expires.  Please watch for the email, by checking your inbox for your email around the 18th of January, 2021, and access your Giving Statement before the link expires.