Here we go again! No container! Well that has been the word of the past 8 days since I have been in Peru and preceded me by 39 days!

Since the last blog, we have continued to do the set up of things like hanging mirrors, the “necessity roll hangers” and the like for the bathrooms. And of course playing “Sparky” with the 240 volt system used here in Peru. I have to stop and think three times just to remember that when a switch is off there is still 120 volts to the light! My task with electricity was to discover why the closet fluorescent light “popped” and then went out never to return. My report to the boss, Chase York in Ft. Myers was: “After surgery and a full xray the light was determined to be dead!”

And of course there are other things, like getting rid of the mold on the slats of the new daybed by washing them in pure chlorox and then placing them in the sun daily, when it is coming through the drizzle form the fog. I have almost run out of things to do in this stage of moving in.

Because of the heavy schedule on all of us and Pastor David having to run so often for us, I was drafted to deliver the Word on Sunday. Now Sunday began at 8:30 AM with workers arriving to pour a retainer wall next to our home to keep the upper level of the property from falling into the area adjacent to the first floor. I cannot believe what I saw. Men, not “BIG” men but think Peruvian men handling buckets of cement and lifting them over their head so the man on the scaffling (it would not pass OSHA) could pour it into the form. And the form had to be continually watched to see if it had decided to give “birth” to another “pour.” The bottom line is this: I have never seen men work so hard; so fast; mixing the cement; moving it by wheel barrow to the man with the shovel who would place it in the buckets of the two who would then hand it up to the one filling the form.

Well, after finishing about 10:45 — the morning service started — in work clothes spotted with cement — including Pastor David. I was able to avoid the work because I was not chosen as a worker (lol). Anyway about 70 gathered to sing a couple of choruses and then listen to the Word. The day culminated with dinner on the grounds for those who chose to stay and eat.

I cannot remember how the day really ended, but only remember thinking: “These people have really grown in the things of The Lord — demonstrated by their personal desire to labor together on the Seventh Day, which was their 7th work day that week.

I must give the computer keys a rest, so this blog ends.

Dr D & Mama D