The “Computer Keys” have rested long enough! But I have not rested! YES! As you probably know – The Container did finally arrive. And that is why I have not rested. And there is so much to share but “HOW?” But here we go….

Everything was there and only one box had anything break but it was liquid and spilled onto a box with a pillow and ruined it. One dresser had a leg gouged but other than that – all was well. Everyone here worked with a frenzy getting the boxes, crates and furniture to the correct floor. So unloading was accomplished.

Then the fun began: Ladies came to help Marilyn unpack the kitchen/livng room – second floor items. Then they moved to the first floor, bedroom, den, bath, etc. Boxes flying here, paper there, kids being “shooed” out of the way and orders going here and there.

Me? Taking orders — and giving directions to the men who came to help. Not with words but with “word pictures” and watching the smile of recognition that said, “Yes that picture was in Spanish and we understand.

By Monday evening we were able to sleep in our own Peru Home. MAN THAT WAS GREAT! I slept in a king size bed (width wise) instead of a 3/4 size bed. And being so tired I slept like a — not a baby — cause I did not wake up till 8:30 Tuesday AM.

Since it has been putting up Paul Scoggin’s window frames and preparing to put up the screens (which I have set aside for now). And of course the curtain rods and hanging the curtains as well as the kitchen racks, the bathroom racks and all that goes with those things. Then there is the “repairs” to a couple of plumbing areas that were leaking and a working to solve a lighting problem which is too difficult to explain and yet unsolved. You know — the normal things when moving into a new home. But so grateful for all the hours of labor, the sacrifice of personal time, and the monetary gifts that have established this edifice in which we now abide.

It is with a grateful heart and the warmth of the faithful kingdom people resonating in our minds that we look forward to the days ahead and what God has for us — all because of people like you who believed in the vision of PACT.

God bless until you hear the keys clicking,

Dr D and Mama D

PS: I think I heard that I have a new moniker: “Papa D” – some guys from the church who were here doing some welding for the Vacation Bible School coming the last Friday of July.