Here I am, having joined Marilyn on Tuesday eve of this week for our new adventure with Jesus.

No – the container has not been delivered but big headway has evolved. Ceci Hodges has kept continual contact with the Port Authorities here and yesterday we were notified that everything had passed all inspections and would be delivered on Saturday. We do not “hope” for this to be true but our fiath says “Yes!”

In the mean-time we have been busy doing the little things that often you do after you have moved into new living facilities — the “Honey-Do’s.” Like hanging, mirrors, towel holders, and the other things necessary for such a room (know what I mean?) And hanging wire under the base concrete cabinets so curtians could be hung to keep items concealed and protected until such a time as permanent doors will be attached. And helping David Hodges get the pumps installed to dispense our “gray-water” from its storage tank in order to water the plants around the buildings.

Marilyn has WiFi connection, but I will not until we get the technician to give me my personal access code on each device (iPad, iPhone and computer,) AND I am going to ask him to make a connection to the WiFi booster I purchased at Tiger Direct. It worked great at the Shaw Trailer Park at home, just “amazing.”

Presently I am sitting here with my “beloved” Canadian insulated vest on (I had to mention that to bring a “bright spot” in the day for Adam McLaughlin.) I just finished my coffee in record time. You have to be able to drink it when it is at least “warm,” and of course “gulp down” my toast to keep “icicles” from forming (well at least it seemed like it.)

However, there is an anxious spirit rising within as the Spirit of The Lord is replacing the “distant vision” with a “present vision,” even though I am here, for just six weeks before returning back to the states to continue the process of making contacts and securing the remaining finances for the ministry of PACT [Peru Apostolic Cultural Training].

Hey, Adam, I could use another vest to wear when this one needs to be washed!

Until I do this again (write a blog) — just keep us in your prayers and remember your faithfulness to continue to support PACT is an eternal investment in the Kingdom. Here are two specific financial areas to to join us for: $Monthly support – an additional $1,000 minimum. Vehicle: $12-15,000. Appliances: $2,500.

Blessings upon you and the call of God on your life,

Dr D & Mama D