Three months have come and gone since Marilyn and I returned BUT “busy” has been the word! In this time:

1. The THIRD FLOOR ladies side has been completed: Roof, tile, paint, furnishings. The “ladies touch” has been directed by “Mama D” (Marilyn) to make it as enjoyable as possible for the ladies. The teams from Life Church Columbus and LIfe Church Ft. Myers inaugurated it on back-to-back weeks. The Columbus team built 5 bunkbeds for the ladies side and 5 for the men’s side of the third floor along with team ministry. The team from Ft. Myers focused on ministry to the local Church.

2. The VAN has been “re-owned” – we had to change the owner since my residency documents were not complete. AND because it has dark factory installed windows from the passengers back we had to get “special” permission to drive it. This required an inspection by a “specific” department of the national police and a total inspection of the vehicle. Only five people are allowed to drive it and they have to be registered and official documents placed in the vehicle at all times. And the fee was over $400 for the first year. But we are still frequently stopped by the police because of the dark windows and must show the authorization documents. The choice: Have the documents or go to jail! NOT MY CHOICE!

3. RESIDENCY: That is and has been a focus since returning the end of March. “Days and Days” running from one department to the next and hen having to go back to the previous because the new department has added a requirement that must be processed through the first. And in-between you go from one branch of the designated bank to a different one to pay fees. Marilyn has hers! BUT mine was held-up because you must be in possession of a Passport that has a minimum of one year before expiration. AND mine is due in December 2015. So I visit the US Embassy May 19th, pay the fee and l am told it will be 10-15 work days. The fine print says: “Excluding the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays; Peru holidays; and US Holidays.

On Sunday, June 14th I received word from a pastor there is a “hitch” with the US Passport system equipment. HOWEVER – a phone call to the embassy on Wednesday resulted in hearing: “Yes it is here and you may come and get it on Thursday.” SWEET! I did and the Peruvian Immigration still has it “active” so I am waiting for their Web site to say: “Accepted” beside my name! A SPECIAL THANKS to fellow missionary Jonathan Edward for all his help. Without it we would never have this far.

4. MINISTRY – has been ongoing in the midst of all the above. One Universidad Pacto de Vida extension re-started; two new extensions; a trip to Huancayo in July to minister for four days and lay the ground work for 3-4 extensions. And ministry to four churches as well as Iglelsia Vida pastored by David Hodges.

5. DIVINE APPOINTMENTS continued with the privilege of spending one morning in the Peruvian Congress with two of its members, both believers: Jesus Hurtado who has been involved with five seminaries with 1,000 pastors; Umberto Lay a former pastor of a large Church in Lima who has already announced his candidacy for president in the forth-coming election. Both gave me their personal contact information as well as committing to give me advice and assistance.

This list does not account for sleeping, eating, constructing more furniture and spending some time with the Life Church teams.

ADDITIONAL: David Hodges, the missionary and pastor of Iglesia Vida where we have built, had to have surgery for a hernia in his abdomen on Saturday (June 13). It was to basically be on the “minor” side, but when the doctor was operating he discovered two more muscle tears than had been detected, so he will be laid up for a few more days than we expected – so “fill-in” is “filling-in.”

NO DAY goes by without a heart-felt appreciation for our supporters both with finances and prayer without whom we could not be your hands extended to Peru. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do.


Two of YOUR Peruvian Missionaries,

Dr D and Mama D