Kids @ Life

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We have ministry at every service for kids 5 weeks through 5th Grade for them to Encounter God and Experience Life; Sundays at 9:00am & 11:15am.
We have a check-in station in the foyer so you can tell us about your child and receive a tag for secure drop-off and pick-up. We are committed to giving your children a fun learning environment so you can encounter God, without worry, in our worship service.

Nursery: 2 years & under

Our nursery team has created an environment that is clean, safe, and fun. Your children will be secure, nurtured, and loved to enable you to worship freely with us.
We do not baby sit your infant, but we read them stories from the Bible, pray with them, sing worship songs, and as they get older, play games with them that relate to a simple lesson.

Preschool: 3-5 years

Creating a safe, loving environment where children can come and meet Jesus through fellowship, music, and creative teaching.

Elementary: Up to 6th Grade

Providing a spiritual environment where our children can experience the power of God for themselves, hear God’s Word and have a fun-filled, active environment to apply what they have learned.

Kids Life Resources

Hey Kids Life Family!
We cannot wait until we can see you again, and we hope it will be soon! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for announcements about what’s to come. In the meantime are still thinking about and praying for you every day. We are here for you as a resource and to partner with you. Please let us know if you have any specific resource requests or have any needs.

This week we are starting a NEW series-Not Afraid! As we all try to get back to some kind of normal, which will look different for everyone, there will be some New Things we do. And new things, different things, can sometimes be scary for kids. In this week’s lesson, kids will learn that new things do not have to be scary and God can give us the courage to face new things. Our memory verse for the series from Psalm 56:3 says “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” So, when new things scare us we can put our trust in God to take care of us!  

Everything you need to teach the lesson is included in the PDF and you can pull out and use the parts that are appropriate for your child/children and you can do it with your children anytime that is best for you.
For the game and object lesson you will need just a few supplies:
        -Legos or Duplo blocks to make two structures with
-New item from the grocery store or your pantry that most people in your house haven’t tried yet.
Below you will also find the links for worship songs and a bible story video to add to the lesson.

Worship Songs-
I Will Not Fear
Jesus Culture Not Afraid
Early Elementary & PreK:
        Fear Get Out of Here
        I Won’t Be Afraid
Fear Not 
Bible Story Video
We hope this is helpful and that you can have some fun while leading & teaching your kids about the amazing God we have. Stay tuned to our Kids Life Facebook Page and Pinterest Page for more resources! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance or extra resources: [email protected]

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