We are “on the ground” in Peru just two weeks and “Divine Appointments” have opened two doors to accomplish two of the five goals of PACT AND A NEW DOOR OF MINISTRY!

The first door was at a Pacto de Vida (CLU – Covenant Life University) class in Marquez, taught by Dr. Ron Willis.

On Friday night four pastors attended, in addition to the other students, as the result of an invitation of the host Pastor, Fabián Santillán, of La Viña Del Señor. The week previously one pastor attended a meeting and was led by the Spirit to go speak to Pastor Fabián who was sitting at another table. The Lord had spoken to him that he was going to meet an individual who would share with him what was in his own heart. The Lord used the urging of the Spirit to meet Pastor Fabián who invited him to the class.

Afterwards at a late evening meal we were introduced to him and led also by the Spirit to open our heart and share the “Five Assignments” God had given me. As we talked he began to rejoice and shared that what I said to him was the same as what he was told by the Spirit would be the words of the man he was to meet. The subject: Uniting pastors and churches in a network to accomplish the work of God and meet the standards of the Peruvian government which would allow even the small churches and organizations to come under the tax provision.

The second door was opened on Monday of the next week at Chili’s where we had an appointment with a high ranking District Attorney – a man to whom Pastor David Hodges had been ministering and to whom Marilyn and I had ministered to him and his wife in the past. Over the phone in the process of establishing a meeting with him he had shared how the DA’s office was having community meetings to impact crime because Pastor David had told him of the Medical / Market Place Ministry Outreaches we are planning with the Churches. He opened the door for even the DA’s office to participate with us.

I felt led to share with him about the Character Training / Adoption of Dunbar Elementary School. In the conversation he informed us of a DA’s program to attempt to turn elementary children away from crime through camps. He then called another DA, with whom David Hodges had contact – a believer also – and told her about that training and informed her we were interested in participating in her camps. Now in these camps she uses the Word of God and was readily receptive to have pastors and church people participate with her in these camps.

Not withstanding that in a few minutes we asked about the Peruvian tax Law. He shared how to get beyond the law in a way that would be acceptable by the government. To form a “Federation of Pastors” from the many “Fraternities of Pastors” who would screen the churches and eliminate the many “fraudulent” so-called “churches and pastors” who are rampantly ripping of people here in Peru. This type of organization would bring all participating churches under an umbrella to satisfy the present law.

And I cannot forget to inform you of the attendance at the newly opened Pacto de Vida Extension at Iglesia Vida, Jicarmarca. Thirty-three (33) which includes credit and non-credit (Personal Enrichment) students from the church attending a class called: Under the Shadow taught by Dr. Ron Willis of Life Church, Ft. Myers.

Thank you for your confidence in PACT and support by prayer and finances!

 – Dr D & Mama D

(David & Marilyn Deaton)