PACT – Peru Apostolic Cultural Transformation

Almost three months have passed TOO quickly. Much accomplished and “MUCHO” (one of the Spanish words I have learned) to do! But as Paul said in: “NKJ 1 Corinthians 16:9 For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” I say that because as you have read or can read on FB – PACT – Peru Apostolic Cultural Transformation or at: . “Divine Appointments” has been the order of the “day” and it is continuing.

The next “Divine Appointment” after the last blog, was the discovery of a vehicle that more than fulfills the desire we had. We were ministering for a pastor who had to leave town because of the sickness of a family member and were at the home of his assistant pastor who has been a longtime friend. We told him our need and in a few seconds he found a 2003 Honda Odyssey on the web being sold by owner. One week later we were able to go see it. But not by ourselves! A believer in the same Church worked at Honda and had a mechanic friend go with us. No better inspectors could have been with us. We bought it with money given to us for that purpose by a member of Blountstown First IPHC and have sufficient to even take care of some repairs, government mandated insurance and additional insurance to cover damage.

In a meeting with Dan Clowers, LAMCAR Director and Jorge Watanabe, superintendent of Peru we discovered Pastor Jorge was on a committee working to change the law preventing the majority of churches from getting tax breaks. So when I return we will be meeting with that committee along with the District Attorney who explained the reason for the law and how to circumvent it without changing the law.

The recent “Divine Appointment” – “Divine” because what happened in scheduled appointments was totally unexpected and not part of the agenda – took place on Monday before I departed for the US on January 29th. I had scheduled a meeting with one pastor to discuss re-starting Universidad Pacto de Vida (Covenant Life University) and a second pastor to place an extension in his church. The bottom line: While sharing the 5 Point Vision with him, he picked up his phone and in a few moments I was told I would have an appointment with a Peru Congressman when I returned to help with the establishment of a Federation of Fraternities of Pastors which will be the way to qualify churches for tax breaks.

These “Divine Appointments” all fall into total agreement from two prophecies I received when home in September to the first of November. The essence was that the “key people” I needed I had not met yet but that they would place me before “kings” (meaning key leaders of the country). These “Divine Appointments” and the prophetic words are definitely encouraging and faith building.

Yes, there have been some struggles but not with people! They have been with house equipment like gas water heaters, stoves, fans, freezer as well as “mold” and of course the “continual dust” the is “life” in Jicamarca.

Financially, all current needs have been sufficiently met to date. Coming up is the necessity to complete the third floor of our section and that of the Hodges so we can host teams and bring in pastors to minister to and not create confusion in either household. The projected cost is in the $15,000-$18,000 range. More accurate figures are forth coming in the next couple of weeks. So please pray with us for the provision of this need.

Personally we still are praying for an additional $700 per month to adequately meet the needs to fulfill all five of the projected goals.

We APPRECIATE the faithfulness of so many. Your support is helping to open the doors to a spiritual impact on the nation of Peru.


Dr D and Mama D