We equip and intentionally send people into specific areas of our City in order to strategically influence others with the love of God as we co-labor with Him to bring solutions to issues that others cannot find for themselves—bringing light to impact darkness.


Anyone may serve and “go” into their spheres of influence in the market place when using the Four Cornerstones in each strategy:


Prayer—Ask, hear, then do

Love—looks like something. It is a tangible re-presenting of Jesus and His love

Spirit of Adoption—nurture relationships in places we intend to stay the course

Excellence in Everything—reputation opens doors and keeps us in the game


People will be trained in Prayer Evangelism (Luke 10) and The Five Paradigms of Nation Transformation to better understand their ability to impact people with the Kingdom of God right where God has placed them or where He is sending them in the city.




Tangible Expressions of City Reach already being implemented:


Dunbar Middle School Adoption by Life Church

-Prayer and ministering to needs of faculty

-Blessing through serving appreciation lunches

-Blessing with birthday gifts for staff and teachers

-On call as an official business partner of the school and school district





Light Up Your World

-Meets state un-funded mandate for character and anti-bullying education

-Served over 2,200 students and we’re in our 5th year of service

-Follows Luke 10 in application and teaches the first 25 of 50 commands

that we are commanded to teach others.

-Lessons Planting and Harvesting

-Seeds of Light vs. Darkness

-Helping children recognize and remove lies they’ve believed

and planting seeds of value and affirmation of who they are and how

they can maintain truth in their lives

-Send them out with the challenge to be World Changers.


“Light Up Your World came to my school and they encouraged me to follow lightness and not the darkness. That part of the lesson really helped me out cause before this I use to follow the bad kids and used to be in a gang, but after that lesson I threw all of that out of the way and now I’m free, now I can fly as high as I want. Now I notice I’m not mean, I have value and that my family cares about me.” Kiera, Age 12


“My favorite day was the “False Label Day”. It was really sad, but I really liked it. We had fun, but it was sad. I liked it a lot because I felt like I belonged. After that day I felt different, I felt free—and I felt more alive than I ever felt. It changed me inside.” Mitchel, Age 13




City Reach Teams (In Development)


Prayer/Intercession Team

Serve Team

Light Up Your World Team

Leadership Team