All news from Crimea through news channels is being edited.  The truth only comes from those we know who live presently in Ukraine – pastors and their families.  No one really expects Russia to stop their advancement.  News reporters are being harassed, beaten and their equipment taken away.  Here are some quotes from our Family of Believers in Crimea:

This is from a conversation on Messenger,  I had with a Pastor friend in Crimea. We can do our Part by Praying!

“Russian President signed a paper that Crimea is a part of Russia. Yesterday they started to kill our soldiers. Most people in my Church are praying about where to run from here.  I can also say, that there are many people, who supported occupation. They looks like zombies, I mean – feverish gleam in the eyes, spilling hatred against people they have known for years, and breaking away from their relatives from the remaining part of Ukraine … It looks like a real demonic oppression

We are told to be quiet; Not to shout.  But the military unit in Simferopol, where my grandfather and his wife live were told to get out of their retirement quarters provided by the Ukrainian Military and then were thrown into the street.  Please continue to pray.  Just want you to know what happens now in Ukraine and Crimea.  Crimea is totally blocked from Ukraine by the Russian Army.  It is very difficult to leave and enter Crimea.”

While you’re praying, please pray for our connections in Ukraine.  The full list is available here.

Dr D