10525707_10204405901457365_8082466442740884160_n“HONEY DO….” Yup! That has been the sound that kept me going and the length of the list – well it was sometimes overwhelming, but I persevered! (I am just a “trooper” – what else can I say?) And the “Honey,” well she put up with a lot of “grunts” and “O no’s” from me.” But we succeeded and the place looks great. I mean, with the pictures hung, the furniture in place and even new furniture and the varnishing of furniture along with the re-wiring for the Gas Dryer and the Washer – they required circuit breakers to turn them off for protection and to stop the constant usage of electricity.

The “BIGGEST” hassle was the connection of the Dryer Vent. From this experience I have concluded: “I NEVER WANT TO INSTALL A DRYER AGAIN!” I do not think you could pay me to hook up another dryer vent in Peru! They just do not have the proper parts available!

Where there other problems and difficulties, you ask? THANKS! I am glad you ask. About the time we were completing one item another area would decide to malfunction in some way. Finish the washer and dryer and then discover the water line has a leak in it “INSIDE” the wall. So you tear it out – well honestly the plumbing was the responsibility of Missionary David Hodges – He is the Italian or is it British or was it Russian plumber. (Wonder why I said that? Ask him or even Marilyn when you see one of them. Anyway that is life in Jicamarca. Fix Or Repair Daily – and we do not mean “FORD”! (You do not understand! Read it again but this time look at the letters of the first four words.)

10352943_10204405903097406_3674486234131761449_nAnd the worst of it all is that this water problem happened the last day I was there, just hours before departing for the airport. I mean I had to do a 30 minute packing job so we could leave earlier than expected so we could stop at SodiMac (Peruvian Home Depot) for new parts to finalize the water solution. Did you know that one trip to SodiMac can require a minimum of 6-8 hours? Just a bit of Peruvian Trivia.

And so I arrive home, eager to see you and share with you the developments and plans for the future, which brings to mind: We had a fellowship meal with three pastors and their families in our Jicamarca Home. Out of this time of fellowship and food came the plans for a Professional – Medical – Church Training/Growth Outreach.   I sat amazed as I listened to the pastors and their wives spell out exactly what was in my heart – my desires, goal for one of the Five Goals/Assignments God spoke to me about. All of us came out of the time challenged and ready to get to work and we even set a date and location for the first outreach.

We will have it in Jicamarca and use it for a “self-training exercise” before we present it to any other pastors. It is scheduled for December 6-7-8. I am filled with expectancy and excitement.


Dr D & Mama D

P.S. I want to keep all of you, if you are interested, up-to-date with what is happening. So, please send me your email address to: drd@lifechurch.net